Power of Attorney



I authorise my attorney to:

(a) Prepare, sign and lodge my Australian tax return; (b) Request and receive from my employer(s) any Payment Summaries, statements of earnings, superannuation details (including member number) and Tax File Number; (c) Prepare, sign and process any agreements, consents or other documents (including superannuation claim forms and tax return forms) required to refund any taxes or facilitate the payment of any superannuation benefits; (d) Request and receive any money from the Australian Taxation Office, superannuation fund, or other person; (e) Deposit any monies into Backpackers Buddy’s Trust Account as applicable; (f) Charge and be paid fees for the work my attorney performs pursuant to this power of attorney; (h) Deduct the amount of the attorney’s fees, prepayments and disbursements from any monies received; (g) If applicable, forward the amount referred to in (d) to me after deducting payment for any fees and prepayments owing to Backpackers Buddy and any other person; (h) Deduct the amount of the attorney’s fees, prepayments and disbursements from any monies received, as shown at http://www.backpackersbuddy.cormau/faq/faq-tax (i) Delegate its powers, for instance to its directors, employees or agents, and exercise its powers; (j) Where your taxation assessment requires an objection to be lodged or where a taxation appeal is required you consent to us undertaking these on your behalf. Fees are set at $380 + GST per objection and $380 + GST (plus $660 in disbursements which is refunded if the case is successful) per appeal.


In the case of a 12 Hour Cash Back Now prepaid tax refund to me, I assign absolutely any refund due to be paid to me to Backpackers Buddy. As a result of this assignment the Australian Taxation Office will be required to pay the whole of the tax refund otherwise due to me to Backpackers Buddy who will be entitled to receive the tax refund as absolute owner. My refund will be paid to the Backpackers Buddy Trust Account.


I authorise and declare that:

  • Backpackers Buddy is appointed to act as my tax agent (Registered Tax Agent Number 57819000)
  • All of the information I have provided to Backpackers Buddy is true and correct.
  • Backpackers Buddy is authorised to give this document to the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”)
  • I authorise my tax agent to electronically transmit my tax returns via the Electronic Lodgement Service or manually lodge as applicable
  • My refund may be deposited into the account named Backpackers Buddy Trust Account as applicable
  • I will hold this declaration for five years.
  • I agree to Backpackers Buddy holding our records for up to 5 years.
  • I understand that the tax law imposes heavy penalties on me for false or misleading information.
  • Where I am lodging a request for Early Assessment I confirm that I will not be working prior to the end of the financial year.


By signing below you are agreeing and accepting to the 3 Parts of this agreement, being Part 1 Appointment of Power of Attorney and Agency Agreement, Part 2 Assignment Notice to the Australian Tax Office and Part 3 Appointment of Tax Agent.

By signing below in the case of 12 Hour Cash Back Now Tax Refund payments, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of Cash Back Now on our website at http://backpackersbuddy.com.au