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Can I get my Australian tax back?

Yes you can, if you have worked in Australia and you are a resident for tax purposes.

To get your Australian tax back the Tax Office requires that you must have lived in Australia for at least 183 days (6 months) and not have a usual place of abode oversees during this time. You will need to fill out the residency questions during our online application. If you are a resident for tax purposes you are eligible for the tax-free threshold and should get a fat tax refund!

You may not get all of your tax back, but our tax experts will make sure you get the maximum Australian tax refund possible, which is the difference between applying through us and directly with the tax office (who we are independent from).

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How much Australian taxback will I get back?

This is different for every person, because it depends on how much you have earnt and how much tax you’ve paid.

Call us for an estimate on 1300 551 412 or click here to fill out our Tax Refund Estimate form and we’ll work out how much you’ll get refunded and let you know.

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How long will it take to get my tax back?

Cash Back Now: Sent within 12 business hours once we have all your information (application, power of attorney form, pay slips and passport photo page copy).

Standard Tax Refund: 3-10 weeks, this varies depending on how busy the tax office is and depending upon whether your return is an early end of year tax refund return or a part year tax refund return. The tax office pays the money to our Trust Account (audited by a Chartered Accountant) and we send it onto you minus our fee, so you don’t have to send us any money.

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When can I claim my Australian tax back?

At the end of the financial year which is after 30 June or when you finish working in Australia it’s time to get your taxback!

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Can I get my tax back if I've left Australia?


Just fill out the online application form OR print a paper form and post it to us with copies of your final payslips/PAYG Summary if you have them.

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How much does it cost to do an Australian tax return with Backpackers Buddy?

Standard (cheap) Tax Service

We charge 11% of your refund (including GST where applicable) There is a minimum fee of $99 + any disbursements

Cash Back Now (fast)

We charge 19.8% of your refund. Minimum fee is $250 + any disbursements

Amended Tax Returns

Did you do your tax return yourself and now you owe the ATO money?

We charge $250 or 10% + GST to fix your return.

Other costs

$25 to get each PAYG summary/final payslips for you.

$50 for international bank transfers.

Part Year Paper returns $25

FREE transfers to Australian bank accounts & we don’t charge a sneaky ’handling fee’.

If your refund is left unclaimed for 3 months (for instance, if your account has been closed or is unable to accept the deposit), we deduct an administration fee of $100 in quarterly installments.

QA 48 Costs

QA48 is a question and answer tax service. We cost each service at a cumulative fee level, as a multiple of the base, $500 plus GST.

  • Level 1. 48 hour tax question and answer by email
  • Level 2. Income tax objection
  • Level 4. Income Tax appeal
  • Level 5. Representation at Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Get a free estimate & ask for more information!

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Goods and Services Tax - can I get it back?

When you fly out of Australia you can claim back the GST you paid on items $300 or over within 30 days of your leaving date.

You do this with Customs at the airport. More information here.

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