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Get more Tax Back! Medicare Exemption

Medicare Exempt?¬†You could get more tax back! Medicare Levy What’s That? When people work in Australia and earn over $20,896 they will be charged what’s called Medicare Levy- this Levy covers the cost of Australian health care. How do I claim this additional refund? If you are from a country which does not have a […]

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Buddy HQ

Backpackers Buddy has moved!!! We have moved from our old ‘Accountanty’ type of upstairs office down the road to a shop front location. We have taken over what used to be Manly Internet Caf? and now offer a much wider range of services to the public, including: Backpackers Tax and Super Refunds (yes we are […]

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Successful objection for our client

We classified a client of our’s as a resident for tax purposes when we lodged her return, the tax office wrote a questionnaire back to us- the objective of this?questionnaire is to assess the residency status of individuals. We worked with her to provide a full and correct response and to us it was clear […]

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Super Refund Tips

Be a little organised! Ask you first employer who your super fund is, write this down somewhere (note in wallet, on your phone, tattoo on your arm are all fine). When you start another job give the Super fund name and your member ship number to them, so you only have one fund. We often […]

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ATO error costing Backpackers Thousands

Backpackers out of pocket due to Tax Office mistake This year individual taxpayers experience the significant tax free threshold increase from $6,000 to $18,200. However significant to the taxpayer at the end of this financial year, it may not be obvious to some (certainly not the Tax Office) that the amendment requires a new formula […]

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Australian Open Of Surfing at Manly Beach

Manly is the home of Backpackers Buddy, it’s surfside laidback ?atmosphere has trapped many travellers who intended to only stay a couple of days.         Manly was the natural choice for the Australian Open Of Surfing,?serving up a couple of weeks of events from Feb 11th – 19th including performances by Sneaky […]

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