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“But I want my tax refund NOW!!”

With our cash back now service we work out what you’ll be getting and send it to you the same working day your completed application arrives, quite simply no-one gives a quicker tax refund.

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Backpackers Buddy is an independent company and is not affiliated with the ATO. Our cash back now product negates the need to wait the ATO’s processing time.

Terms and Conditions

  1. As part of the checking procedure we will lodge your return with the ATO. If we later find that a Cash Back now return cannot be offered to you for any reason your return will be processed as a standard return.
  2. Your Cash Back Now (CBN) tax refund will be transferred within 12 business hours after all identity checks have been made- we don’t guarantee clearing times, usually it’ll be with you the day after, but it can take a few days to appear in Australian accounts and up to 3-5 working days to international ones..
  3. Tax Refund Applications must be complete to be eligible for CBN. Complete means every section completed and ALL supporting documents required for immediate lodgement of the tax return. We are happy to chase up pay slips for you, but we can’t send your refund to you until we can complete your return.
  4. CBN will be directly deposited to Australian Bank Accounts only.
  5. Australian citizens and permanent resident are not eligible for CBN refunds.
  6. All applicants for CBN must have finished working in Australia, or be an end of year application.
  7. All applicants for CBN must provide a copy of the photo page of their passport.
  8. Backpackers Buddy staff must meet the CBN applicant in person, or speak with them over the phone before they are eligible for a CBN tax refund.
  9. Transfer of CBN will not be made until access to the Australian Taxation Office Tax Portal is available.
  10. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide fast option ( CBN ) for backpackers as informed by ATO.
  11. Backpackers Buddy will assist as much as possible with transfers made that are not received by the applicant. Transfer receipts will be produced, and where the money is bounced back into the Backpackers Buddy Trust Account, it will be resent to the correct account.
  12. Backpackers Buddy has the right to refuse tax agent services to any applicant without reason.
  13. In the case where a tax return is not due a refund or a refund is less than the fee, and a cash refund has been paid to the customer, it is the customer’s responsibility to refund the cash payment to the Backpackers Buddy Operating Account within 3 days of the request.
  14. In all cases, Backpackers Buddy s fee of 19.8% (including GST if applicable) of the total tax refund amount will be subtracted from the tax refund before it is transferred. Minimum fee is $250.