Wescoms- Backpackers Buddy Job ***Scam***

Dear all, there is a company CALLED wescoms advertising a work from home job with Backpackers Buddy…unfortunately it is a scam. We have reported them to Scamwatch and hope it gets taken down soon.


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  1. Yasmin

    Thanks David,
    They emailed me and offered me a position but the ‘work from home and earn $500 per week’ sounded too good to be true. I did some research and came across your blog post. They took down the WESCOMS company name and kept ‘Backpackers Buddy’ as their name. The employment form also doesn’t look right, there is not enough detail and it asks for too much information

    • Vinod

      Thanks David/Yasmin..Got an email similar to Yasmin’s 2 days back..Deleted!!

    • They are still advertising this scam. Beware! Emails are sent from a person calling themselves Lillian Macrae with email address showing her @backpackersbuddys.com. What they want you to do is transfer money via Western Union to dubious people in the Ukraine. PRobably money laundering according to Police.

  2. They are still advertising on Seek, still scamming people as at today. I’ve reported them to Seek, Scamwatch, the ATO, the Qld and Federal Police and through ACORN. Beware. It is a money laundering operation using Western Union. Glad to hear they are in no way associated with your business.

  3. I just received their job offer today. Too good to be true. Preying on the unemployed who have no money to begin with.

  4. Shan

    Got an email and a text, the email has some dodgy attachments disguised as word docs, thanks for having this page.

    P.S. Got any jobs going?


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