Superannuation for Backpackers

If you work in Australia and have earned more than $450 over a continuous 4 week period, your employer will have made compulsory payments on your behalf into a superannuation fund. You can receive a refund of these payments if all of the following apply:

  • You held a temporary visa (not including a 405 or a 410 subclass).
  • Your visa is no longer in effect.
  • You have left Australia.

You must apply for a departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP). You must also complete a Power of Attorney – Appointment of Agent form to allow a tax agent to apply for your superannuation.

To apply for a superannuation refund, you will need certified photocopies of:

  • The photograph page from your passport.

So if you are a backpacker, don’t forget to apply for an Australian tax refund and a superannuation refund when you are heading home.

To apply for an Australian tax refund – click here.

To apply for a superannuation refund – click here.

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