Super Refund Tips

  • Be a little organised! Ask you first employer who your super fund is, write this down somewhere (note in wallet, on your phone, tattoo on your arm are all fine). When you start another job give the Super fund name and your member ship number to them, so you only have one fund.
  • We often speak to people who are worried about their employers not paying super, remember it only needs to be paid each quarter (and not at all if your wage is below $450? per month). If you don’t think your employer isn’t paying your super speak to them and ask when it will be paid before complaining to the proper authorities
  • If you already have multiple Superannuation accounts you can put them together- Pick one of your super funds (feel free to check with us which are easy to get the money back out of) then you can Google “roll funds into [super fund name]” and follow the instructions.

When your ready to claim your super back we can help you here.

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