What you need to get an Australian Tax Refund…

To get a tax refund we need to?be able to lodge your Australian tax return for you. To do this we’ll need to know your total gross earned and the total tax paid within the financial year (June- July) for each of your employers.

We get these figures from your final payslips or a pay summary (also know as a PAYG or Group Certificate). If you have these documents?allready, great! If?you do not have them don’t fear all is not lost. We are able to talk to the Australian tax office and see if they?have your pay figures. If they don’t have the figures we are able to call your old employers (hopefully not all farmers keeping their records on the back of envelopes) and request them to send the figures to us.

You’ll also need to know?what your tax file number is, if you havn’t got a clue what this is you can call one of your old employers or the tax office to get it.

And ofcourse you’ll need to know the details of your bank account where you want the tax refund to be sent to! But you can apply now and give us the bank details later no worries.

So in summary to get your Aussie tax back you’ll need:

  1. Final Payslips (aka: pay summaries, PAYGs, Group Certificates)
  2. Know what your tax file number (TFN) is
  3. Fill out our application

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