Amended Returns

We get a lot of people who tried doing their own tax return here in Australia and got it wrong…these people often end up getting a very small tax refund or owing money to the tax office.

If this sounds familiar get in touch with us as we could well put it right for you and help you to get a big tax refund. We out it right by creating a tax return which is the same as the one you submitted then we make the necessary changes, note them down and send the new return off to the tax office.

So for us to be able to fix the mistakes you made we’ll need to be able to re-create the original return…so remember what information you put in?your original?tax return! If you can’t remember what you put in their we can order a copy of the return for you.

Amended tax returns usually take 4-8 weeks for the tax refunds to come back.


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