Surfers Paradise

Bright lights, city glamour?yep it?s the Blackpool of Australia!

The nightlife is good, if your into getting extremely drunk and being covered in foam in a nightclub where you can hardly move. The beach is overshadowed by the skyscrapers which dominate the area. The funniest thing about SP is that it?s surrounded by world class surfing spots, but isn?t one itself! It does get good learners waves, but the name itself was thought up by marketers who thought it would attract investors?and they were right.

There are a number of hostels to choose from. I stayed in Sleeping Inn Paradise mainly because they pick you up from the transit centre in a stretch limo! The Limo was unfortunately a total heap and the beds not so comfy and no good for a tall chap (one of the roommates said it was like visiting his Grandmother?s house). That said I did actually like it here, the Hostel is split into units each with their own facilities, this gave the feel of staying in a house rather than a hostel.

Stay ? Sleeping Inn if you have friends there. Backpackers in Paradise if not (07) 5538 4344

Do ? Go to the waxworks or Riplies believe it or not, get very very drunk.

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