Harvey Bay

This town is just a group of anonymous suburbs, 99% of the Backpackers stopping here are going to Fraser Island. All the others are here to Whale watch. Its hard not to feel a bit like a piece of meat being shipped form one container to the next in Harvey Bay?the hostels come and collect you check you in, you go on your adventure and check out the following day. All of this is done with such military precision you start to get the feeling you are on a conveyor belt. I stayed in the Friendly Hostel, which is an amazing place- it?s clean and there are no bunk beds?I could have slept forever! Ironically one of my co-inhibitors here was THE MOST unfriendly people I?ve ever come across, but you can?t blame the Hostel for that and the irony kept me chuckling to myself!

Stay ? The Friendly Hostel 1800 244 107

Do ? Go to Fraser Island (Best to book with Beaches) or go Whale Watching, Tasman Venture have the best reputation around 1800 063 168

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