Lots of people I met in Brisbane had been staying there for a while having found work in bars etc. I found the city a bit limited in its appeal, you don?t get the same self important going places feel that Sydney has about it?and this is probably one of the main reasons people tend to stay a wile here rather than the NSW capital. Brisbane has a good night life and is great when there?s an event in town like the Rugby.
I stayed in Palace embassy which is the more laid back of the two Palaces here. I found whilst it is in a great location for the CBD, is comfortable and has great facilities it didn?t quite have the charm I look for in a hostel. I called in at Aussie Way too, this Hostel had a feel good factor, all though it was much older and smaller than the likes of Palace it would defiantly be my recommendation.

Stay ? Lots of modern well equipped hostels to choose from in the CBD, I would go for Aussie Way Backpackers (07) 3369 0711 for their friendliness and character.

Do- Get involved and go see some live sport or get out on the town

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