Agnes Water/1770

This little town is the northern most surfing spot in Queensland. When people ask me why they should stop in Agnes Water I struggle to convey how great the place is, there is very little here, one pub, a few shops, a beach?.urm?a national park?.
But I?ve been here 4 or 5 times and each time has been different and each time has been so good. I like the 1770 Backpackers Hostel, it?s very open and relaxed and you can scrawl a message on the kitchen walls!
While you?re here go on the Scooteroo?s tour, it?s a 3 hour bike tour of the area, the guide will find some wild Roo?s for you to look at and you get some wedges and see the sun set over the sea (the only place on the East Coast you get to see this).
There is actually plenty to do in the area; most people only stop off for one day so I won?t bore you with any more options!

Stay ? 1770 Backpackers 1800 12 1770 or if you have your own campervan and want to mix it with the bush turkeys stay at Workman?s Beach

Do ? Go catch a wave in the warm water, take the Scooteroo?s tour and relax!

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